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Home Blown Glass was a great US-based company that is well known for its innovative smoking products. Particularly striking were the Home Blown Glass Bongs – pieces that the company were very famous for. Paraphernalia such as the Home Blown Glass Critter Carb with a cute turtle is undoubtedly strong looking products but they’re also highly functional to boot. Such creative and ultimately usable pieces are what gave Home Blown Glass its legions of fans around the world. We’re saddened to inform you that Home Blown Glass Santa Rosa has been closed for good now. Fortunately, here at Weed Republic, we’re still stocking a load of the California glass specialist’s products. Those in the market for a stylish new carb cap or one hitter can do much worse than one lovingly crafted by Home Blown Glass products we carry. We particularly recommend the Bubble carb cap with cute frog – surely the icing on the cake of any cutesy, girly bong. Shop around at our Home Blown Glass products below.
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