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Koi CBD is the number one trusted brand for natural CBD, and for good reason. Being 100% natural with clean safe lab certified CBD containing 0% THC. Koi CBD shows their passion for precision made consistent safe products with the strictly controlled labs they operate and batch by batch reporting. Allowing you the user to feel rest assured that you are getting the purest, best CBD vaping experience you can get.

We stock all 6 flavour variants of Koi CBD Originals in three concentrations, allowing you to tailor your CBD vaping experience to be exactly what you want.

Key Features of Koi CBD E-liquid

    • Large 30ml Bottle keeps you vaping cannabidiol longer!
    • Glass Dropper enables easy fast vape filling
    • Nicotine free
    • 60% VG / 40% PG 
    • Will work with any E-cigarette or Vape mod you may already own.
    • 5 great flavours and available in three concentrations:
      • 0.83% (8.3mg/ml) 250mg of cannabidiol in the whole bottle
      • 1.67% (16.7mg/ml) 500mg of cannabidiol in the whole bottle
      • 3.33% (33.3mg/ml) 1000mg of cannabidiol in the whole bottle

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