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Coming out of Gainesville, Florida, Monkey O’s is a very fun company that adds a new childhood-like element of fun to smoking and vaping. Rings have never been easier to blow when using the plastic Monkey O. This product has grooves to help you perform smoke and vape tricks. Monkey O’s also makes their own bubble juice so you can do tricks without having to smoke or vape.

The skill of blowing O's with smoke is not always an easy endeavor. However, the process is made much simpler with the Monkey O Kit. All you need to do is understand how the device works, and you'll be blowing O's in no time. When you purchase and receive the Monkey O Kit, the first you'll notice is the unique appears. It oddly resembles the head of an elephant. Once you have smoke or vapor in your lungs and you are ready to exhale it out, put the skinnier end of Monkey O up to your lips. The trick here is to prevent yourself from exhaling all of your smoke at once; this is not the optimal way produce the best O's from the device. Instead, control your exhale. To produce the most O's within the shortest amount of time, repeatedly push out short breathes. It takes a matter of minutes to get a handle on the breathing technique. It's super easy and fun to use. To make the Monkey O Kit an even better purchase, it allows you to blow bubbles! While you can use just soap and water with the Monkey O, the kit comes with Monkey Juice. The Monkey Juice is a special kind of solution that enhances the production and durability of bubbles that you can blow.

Monkey O's really wants to provide their customers with a fun experience. The Monkey O makes the act of smoking something more than just an act; it's a celebration.

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