4" Handmade Crystal Dry Product Pipe



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4" Handmade Crystal Dry Product Pipe

These unique crystal pipes from Mystique are a great little pocket friendly way to keep your smoking experience mobile without having to carry papers and rolling gear with you everywhere you go. Each is handmade from a unique piece of crystal.

4" Handmade Crystal Dry Product Pipe Features

Handmade design
Hidden Crystal Properties


Each Crystal Dry Product Pipe is handmade from a range of different types of crystal. This means that every pipe is unique, and the one you have will be like no other. Each pipe will have unique variations but each is no less beautiful, striking and tactile than any other.

Hidden Properties

Each crystal  has its own supposed properties, allowing you to choose a material that matches your personality and lifestyle. So your smoking experience will be tailored to your own personal properties.

Crystal Clear

This particular version is constructed from Clear Crystal and is said to balance the chakras and accelerate your spiritual evolution whilst strengthening your consciousness, bringing harmony and synergy to your spirit and intellect.


This pipe measures in at only 4”, which is perfect for any pocket, ensuring that you can easily take it wherever you want! These pipes are perfect for anyone who values a quick, convenient hit on the go.

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