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Budbat Silver

This clever Budbat comes from the people who brought you the legendary Bud Bomb. The Budbat isn't one of these all looks and no substance products, it's an extremely cleverly built pipe, with a larger than average capacity for a pipe of its size, thanks to it's dugout bowl design. This revolutionary design allows the pipe to retain its sleek and slim appearance despite its high loading capacity. Another distinctive and effective feature of the Budbat is the nine-hole flame entry system, designed for increased burning capacity. This system allows the user to ignite just part of their chosen smoking material rather than the whole lot at once. This way you can choose how much you inhale at once according to taste, or supplies.

The Budbat also features a small easy access storage compartment, ideal for that secret stash and the Budbat has an extra air hole for greater combustion, meaning no excess smoke afterwards.

The Budbat looks great, works brilliantly, and is easily concealed in anti-smoking environments thanks to its slim design making it a must have and a great gift.


  • Length: 9.5 cm / 3.7 inch

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