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Empire Glassworks Agent Orange Hand Pipe

This incredibly detailed Agent Orange hand pipe from Empire Glassworks measures 11 cm / 4.5 inches in length and resembles a potbellied agent in a suit. The slightly wacky looking portable pipe has been handmade in the USA from the highest quality borosilicate glass and is ideal for people who enjoy smoking their dry herbs in style.

The beautifully finished pipe weighs approximately 150 grams and has a carb hole on the left side of the bowl for extra control of your hits. The bold colors and attention to detail will make this characteristic and collectable hand pipe stand out in any glass collection. The pipe can be placed in a standing position on its stable feet to prevent it rolling off any flat surface.

To use the pipe, simply load your favorite dry herb or tobacco mix into the bowl located on the rear. Place your lips on the mouthpiece located on the characters head and fire it up! This powerful and portable pocket-size pipe is easy to clean and use making it the perfect choice for regular smokers who just want a quick hassle free hit while out and about.

Because each piece is individually handmade, the Agent Orange pipe you receive will be one-of-a-kind. The exact shape may vary slightly from the pipe in the photo but the overall design will be the same. Pick up your own handmade characterized hand pipe today at the number one smoke shop Grasscity.com.

Specification :
  • Manufacturer: Empire Glassworks
  • Glass Patterns and Techniques: Worked
  • Color: multi-colored
  • Length: 11 cm / 4.5 inches

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