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The Piece Pipe

The Piecepipe is a precision made, three piece smoking device for the subtle smoker. Each detail is digitally lathed with a 0,02 mm tolerance. The prototype has been changed no less than 15 times, and the final product is delivered to you with a life time warranty.

The pipe has a click mode for smoking mode and an odour free mode for when the pipe is not in use. For easy cleaning, the pipe has a cylinder that can be devided into two halfs. For best cleaning results, drop all parts in alcohol and rub with tissue. The stash chamber can hold extra tobacco or a vital herbs.

This stealthy, portable pipe is a great choice for when you are out and about and it also makes an ideal gift.


  • Length: 4.2 x 1.9 cm
  • Color: Brass and Chrome

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