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Three Inch Acrylic Taster with Digger Tip | Ryot

A simple acrylic one-hitter pipe from Ryot which features their patented digger tip for ease of use.

Quickly and easily fill the bat by scooping up tobacco or dry product blends using the serrated edge of the digger tip in a twisting motion.

The Ryot Taster has a durable acrylic shell with a full metal smoke path encased inside.

Why not combine the Taster bat with one of Ryot's Taster boxes for full access to your favourite tobacco and dry products while you're on the move?

The Ryot Three Inch Acrylic Taster with Digger Tip is available in a variety of colours - please see the dropdown menu to select your choice of colour.

- Patented digger tip

- Durable acrylic exterior with full metal airway

- Fits all standard taster boxes

Technical Specification :

Brand RYOT
Length 71mm
Material Acrylic, Metal
Mouthpiece Straight

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