Nucleus - Ladder Neck Bong




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With an almost hourglass style body, the Ladder Neck Bong from Nucleus uses its unique design to produce a better smoking experience. The 45° 14mm female joint is connected directly to showerhead perc in the base. The beaker style allows for a great deal of smoke to build up. After the smoke leaves the main chamber it goes through a ratchet perc. The ladder style neck prevents any chance of splashback. The flared mouthpiece and showerhead perc of the Ladder Neck Bong come in your choice of color. Nucleus decals may vary.

  • 12'' Inches Tall
  • Base Width: 4"
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Includes 14mm Male Bowl
  • Ladder Style Splashguard
  • showerhead perc
  • ratchet perc
  • 45° joint

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