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510 Vape Pen Battery- GrayNo more clicking buttons or tuning controls. Solely open and inhale. Once you have transferred the perfect puff it turns off until needed again. Light Weight Battery – Weighing at 5.98, .06” wide, and weighing less than 3 ounces you’ll never know it’s in your purse or pocket until you need it. Battery last 3 to 5 days depending on use.

Never again wait for your vaporizer to heat up to use it, the o2Vape Oil Vaporizer Pen was invented for people who live an on-the-go lifestyle who don’t possess time to wait. Stock up on extra batteries to ensure no delays in the vaping experience. Simply unscrew a dead battery and replace with a charged backup battery. The battery has a sleek design with a stylus at the end, making it even more adaptable.

o2VAPE™ is a USA Veteran verified company and has been presenting consumers with high quality transferable vaping products since 2013. We are the First buttonless vape pen, making it the most mobile and decisive vaping product available to anyone. We have completely tested all of our products for endurance, made up of high-quality materials our vaporizers have been shown to stand up to daily use.

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