Brass One-hitter Bat | 3 Inch



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Brass bat pipe for a bargain price

  • Made from brass
  • Endlessly reusable
  • Stealthy design
  • Fits most dugout systems
  • Jagged teeth
  • Easy to use

Brass One-Hitter Bat | 3 Inch

This stealthy brass one-hitter bat is discreet and easy to use, which makes it perfect for parties, festivals or just for a quick hit on the go. It features jagged, serrated teeth on its tip. The teeth enable you to push the pipe in your herb your choice and securely attach it to the pipes tip. Then, all you need to do is place your lips on the mouthpiece, light it up and enjoy! Once you have finished using the pipe, it can easily be emptied and discreetly slipped into a pocket or purse for safe keeping.

The bat one-hitter pipe is made from quality brass, measures 7.5 cm / 3 inches in length and can be loaded and ready to use in seconds. The grooved body provides great grip and the pipe is compatible with most dugout systems making it a perfect replacement or spare.

If you are looking for a portable and affordable smoking device to enjoy on your own or with friends, then this one-hitter pipe is a great choice for you. Check out our awesome range of stealthy hand pipes available to order online today at the number one smoke shop



  • Color: brass
  • Length: 7.5 cm / 3 inches

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