Caldwell's Disposable One Hitter Pipe




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Dank. Discreet. Disposable.

Caldwell's one-hitters fill a niche that tokers have needed for a while. Every once in a while you find yourself needing a legitimately disposable one-hitter that isn't glass. Finding a discreet and environmentally sound solution in the world of smoking devices has been difficult until now. Sure, if you don't have to trash it that's the best, but sometimes the situation demands stealth and discretion.  

Caldwell’s are handmade using only the safest, most eco-friendly materials available. The food-grade paper for the one-hitter is chlorine-free and biodegradable. The all stainless steel bowl is surgical grade and recyclable. That means you can use it and ditch it without feeling bad. Just don't litter.



  • Includes 4 or 8 paper and stainless steel one-hitters
  • Discreet and classic design
  • Disposable/Recyclable
  • Stainless steel bowl with 5-hole filter
  • Chlorine-free food-grade paper tubing

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