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Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster

This is the Official Smoked Glass Taster by Marley Natural, this is a unique piece of glass to have and if you don’t have one, I recommend you go grab one, not only does it look sleek with the wood and the glass, it is also as light as a feather, it’s so easy to use and cleaning it is as easy.

How to use the Smoked Glass Taster

All you need is your favorite ground dried products, place them into the top of the device and light it, it’s that simple.

Cleaning the Smoked Glass Taster

To clean the Smoked Glass Taster, you will some isopropyl alcohol wipes, get one of the wipes and rub down the tip off the taster. If you want to go one step forward. You can make a mixture of the isopropyl alcohol and water, unscrew the mouthpiece and let the glass sit in for an hour or two and then simply dry it off with some paper towel. For the mouthpiece itself, you could dip and q tip into the mixture and just swab the mouthpiece to give it the full clean.

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