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fisherman's friend

Crafted by a notorious company called Monkey Pipe, the Fisherman's Friend is one of the most useful hand pipes on the market. Not only is it equipped with a storage area for dry herbs, but it also has a stainless steel lining that secures whatever is stored within the stash slot. This steel lining is capable of swiveling 360˚ around its axis, so you can easily reveal and conceal the storage area. Fisherman's Friend also boasts a classy design, apart from its efficient functionality. The combination of stainless steel and hardwood generates a rustic aesthetic for this hand pipe. Its rustic appearance enables you to look stylish, even with the great outdoors as your backdrop!It's also offered in 2 types of white oak wood: Light Finish & Dark Finish. This nifty hand pipe is made in the USA, and is engraved with the Monkey Pipe logo on its top face

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