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Material: Glass
Length: 3"
Style: One Hitter

The Florence Flask Glass Pipe got its name for resembling the kind of glassware you see in a chemistry lab. You can’t use this to heat mixtures, but you can pack a small amount of bud into this 3" one hitter and enjoy the thought of the smoke passing through the chambers.

The Good

This unique design is perfect for satisfying anyone from the chemistry enthusiast to the aspiring evil villain. It’s been said that this bowl is best utilized while wearing a lab coat. If you’d like, you can even break into maniacal laughter in between hits. Of course, if you’re trying to be discreet, wearing a lab coat in public and laughing like mad scientist will draw unwanted attention. Though this piece is small, the bowl end is large enough to pack enough herb to share with a friend or two.

The Bad

Those times you’re handed a bowl in public after you’ve dipped to a discreet location and it takes a minute before you figure out how to smoke the pipe in your hand.

The Ugly

Thinking back to all those chemistry quizzes and tests then remembering the red ink slathered across every page.

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