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The Pastel Glass Oney is an elegant 3" one-hitter that comes in one of five solid colors: yellow, magenta, red, pink or cyan. Each glass pipe comes in one solid color that spans from the end of the mouthpiece to the tip of the bowl.

The Good

Each of the Pastel Oney is an homage to the spring time when light colored clothing becomes the flag for the approaching summer. Some feel this is the time for new romances while people in cold climates are just happy warmer days are ahead. No matter what time of the year it might be, it’s always a good time for great herb. Though each of these spring-colored pieces are overall small, the bowl portion is deceptively large. It may make it all the way around a bonfire surrounded with people, but you and a friend can probably get a few rips a piece off a single packed bowl.

The Bad

Not everyone associates season with colors and too, it depends on where you're from.

The Ugly

If you don’t clean these cute one-hitters on occasion, the nice hues found in each will eventually resemble dirt.

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