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The Spiral Glass Pipe is small 3" smoking device featuring a spiral of glass leading from the mouthpiece to the bowl. It comes in three different colors, where each of which artfully trail a single color throughout the length of the pipe.

The Good
A lot of good things come in spiral designs like screws, soft serve ice cream, and water slides. All of the previously mentioned items have made our lives better in some way. This pipe follows the same principle with its swirly design. Not only is the spiral glass and single color flowing along the pipe beautiful, the stuff you put in the bowl is yet another element that likely improves your life. Its small design makes it perfect to sneak into most water parks so long you keep everything dry.

The Bad
The spiral design doesn’t really add anything to the smoking experience. With that said, it does look neat watching the smoke spiral from the bowl to your lips.

The Ugly
The term “spiral” is often used to describe a person whose life is derailing. Make sure you save enough money to pay bills after buying your weed and necessary accessories

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