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The Hobbit Glass Pipe is a 8" long curved piece resembling the pipes used by the small inhabitants of Middle Earth. The elongated handle bridges the mouthpiece and moderate-sized bowl, featuring a twist of color between each end.

The Good

Throughout what are certainly Tolkien’s most popular publications, you’ll find a substantial number of smoking references in the Lord of the Rings books and movies. The Hobbits were well known for enjoying “pipe-weed” as was Gandalf, who would frequently take smoke breaks when he wasn’t fighting other wizards or armies of Orcs. Because of the playful fashion it’s used in the movies, many assume the “Halfling’s leaf,” as Saruman called it, is marijuana. However, despite Tolkien’s embrace of the counter-culture for his era, it’s understood he was referring to tobacco. Though you could smoke tobacco from this pipe, weed is presumed to be the healthier option.

The Bad

It was funny the first time your friend went pass the pipe back but withheld it and shouted, “You shall not smoke!” but it’s getting old.

The Ugly

The Nazi party loved Tolkien which was a sentiment he did not reciprocate, as he preferred to shit-talk the Germanic purists of his later.

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