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the oregon trail

There has never been a handier hand pipe! The Oregon Trail Pipe is made of wood, and features a meandering conduit that guides the smoke from the bowl to the mouthpiece. This meandering conduit is covered by a plastic insert, which can be removed for cleaning purposes. This removable insert is extremely convenient for cleaning; it allows the user to see directly into the airway of the hand pipe. The transparency of the plastic insert allows you to monitor the buildup of resin or herbal remnants. If you notice any blockages, they will be easy to reach and remove. On the bowl end of the wooden hand pipe, there is a swivel lid that covers the dry herb bowl. The wood of the swivel lid is engraved with the design of an eye, which is the official Monkey Pipe logo. This lid can secure the herbs and tobacco held within the bowl of the hand pipe. You can even pre-pack this hand pipe before traveling; just secure the herbs within the bowl by using the swivel lid. This way, there is no risk of your herbal material falling out in your pocket. Then you can break it out, swivel open the lid, and begin your smoking sesh. Thanks to The Oregon Trail Pipe, smoking on-the-go has never been easier!The Oregon Trail Hand Pipe is offered in 2 different types of wood: White Oak Black Walnut

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