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The Twisted Glass Oney is 3.5" one-hitter with a spiraling design running between small bowl at the end and the mouthpiece. It comes in three different colors where the predominant color of blue, red, or yellow twists throughout device, along with slight accenting colors for each piece.

The Good

This pocket-sized pipe is great addition to your pocket, where most of us tend to store useful items on the go. Most things in your pocket have value, like your car keys, phone, and wallet, but all lack the feature of being able to give you a buzz. This little one hitter means you can sneak in little rips of your favorite herb wherever you might be during the day. Make sure your weed is secured somewhere else so you don’t have to pick bits out of your pocket after it falls out of the bowl.

The Bad

Don’t put this directly in your pocket without cleaning out bowl. Few things are worse then getting ash and resin all over your pocket-lining or phone.

The Ugly

Going to take a hit from one of these straight-lined pipes, not packing the bowl well enough, and smacking yourself on lap to put out the embers.

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