wooden taster bat w/ digger tip




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wooden taster bat w/ digger tip

RYOT has perfected the concept of the one hitter. This Wooden Taster has an innovative digger tip, allowing you to effortlessly pack dry herbs into your one hitter. Instead of pinching a bunch of dry herbs from your storage container, you can press the digger into your reserve. As you press the digger into the ground up herbs, the jagged edges of the metal tip are designed to grasp onto the herbal material. This wooden one hitter is also designed to prevent the transfer of heat. So, you never have to worry about getting burned as you hold onto the handle. Furthermore, the metal tip is able to be unscrewed from the wooden body. This makes it much easier to clean the internal airway of the taster bat, as well as the metal tip. Available in 4 Types of Wood: Maple Bamboo Rosewood Walnut

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