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It seems like weed is getting stronger and stronger these days. It's being selected and cultivated to have higher and higher THC contents (or CBD, depending on the grower and their goals), which, frankly, is awesome. Whereas it used to just be a plant that made us feel a bit giddy when we smoked it, now marijuana can take you practically into space without leaving the comfort of your couch. You can get concentrates of nearly 100% pure THC to dab through your favorite glass banger rig, or if you prefer dry herb you can get professionally grown bud - some strains have even gotten over 30% THC! Just run some of that primo flower through your favorite grinder, pop it in one of these sweet mini bongs, and you're good to go. If you've been using that grinder a lot, it's probably loaded up with kief, and that means it's time for a pollen press! But what is a pollen press? Basically, kief goes into a pollen press, hash comes out, et voila - your very own homemade hash cake. If you're wondering how to use a pollen press, wonder no more; it's as simple as loading it with plenty of kief, pressing the top of your press down on it, and then enjoying your homemade pollen press hash. And how to smoke pollen press hash? However you want! You can add it to your next bowl, line a joint with it, or toss the cake on top of your hookah. The only limit is your imagination!
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