18mm Reclaim Catcher 90 Degree - Male


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This 18mm Reclaim Catcher will help you save those big globs that didn't completely vaporize. Concentrate will fall into the cup below and can be retrieved for a second hit, or even cooking. The reclaimer is male and sits at a 90 degree angle for use with any 18mm female joint. 

There are two parts to this reclaimer; the joints at the top, and the bottom dish piece. They clip together so that you can remove the bottom and use it like a little concentrate jar. If you don't plan to reuse your concentrsate, reclaimers are still a great add-on as they help keep your rig clean and free of clogs.


    • Height: 3 Inches
    • Bowl Size: 18mm Male
    • Joint Size: 18mm Male
    • Angle: 90 Degree
    • Includes: Reclaimer with Removable Bottom Cup & Clip

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