Empire Glassworks - Mini East Australian Current Recycler


Empire Glassworks

recycler bong

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Ride the wave with this mini recycler. There is worked glass sea life all over this pipe; from the banger hanger 14mm female joint and the 14mm male bowl to the base and even on the recycling tube. There are black accents located below the banger hanger, the flared mouthpiece, and at the base of the bent neck. Between the diffused downstem and recycling motion, you are guaranteed a smooth smoke sesh. Stands 7.5'' inches tall, the perfect flavor saver.

  • Empire Glassworks recycler
  • Base Width: 2.5"
  • 7.5'' Inches Tall
  • Banger Hanger Design
  • Empire Glassworks Decal
  • Includes Matching 14mm Male Bowl
  • thick glass
  • recycler
  • 14mm joint


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