ROOR 24in Beaker 50x9mm



Beaker Bong

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ROOR makes pipes that are thoughtfully crafted with lifetime use in mind. Each pipe is made from start to finish with a careful attention to detail. Each dense glass water pipe has a triple pinch ice-catch and an extended downstem for easy loading. The best thing about ROOR pipes is their unrivaled glass thickness.

This bong is made from 9mm thick borosilicate tubing. You can't get a ROOR any thicker than that unless you manage to get hired by them and make one yourself. It's also the tallest at twenty-four inches. So get ready to get blasted into space. With any luck, you'll pass this bong down to your grandchildren.


  • Height: 24 in
  • Base width: 4 in 
  • 9mm borosilicate glass
  • "Too Blue" Decal only on 9mm
  • Holographic tag of authenticity
  • Made by ROOR

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