ROOR Tech 17in Inline




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Certified Badass 

ROOR makes pipes that are thoughtfully crafted with lifetime use in mind. Each pipe is made from start to finish with careful attention to detail. Each dense glass water pipe has a triple pinch ice-catch and extended downstem for easy loading. The best thing about ROOR pipes is their unrivaled glass thickness. A proper 5mm borosilicate design that does not thin out anywhere on the body is difficult to find and worth every cent.

Recently ROOR has stepped up their pipe game even more by including a one of a kind holographic certificate of authenticity tag on every new ROOR. You can be sure that your piece was made by genuine ROOR artist here in the U.S. Each bong is individually numbered and can be identified in their database. 

This massive dual perc pipe is the biggest, most badass one we sell and it will devastate you and your whole squad. The six-inch inline perc in the massive bottom chamber evenly spreads and initially percolates a full bowls worth of smoke before sending it to the ten-armed multi-slit tree perc. The splash guard mounted to the bottom of the mouthpiece ensures that you can pull as hard as you want with no worries. Be ready to invite everyone over to blast off!


  • Height: 17 in
  • Thick 5mm borosilicate
  • 19mm male bowl
  • Natural downstem leads into Inline perc
  • Made in the U.S
  • Individually numbered
  • Holographic Certificate of Authenticity

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