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Savage CBD Lemon-Lime Tincture features a flavor that is wonderfully similar to the actual taste of freshly squeezed lemons and limes! Add this this tincture to just about anything, including your favorite meal, beverage, or au natural under your tongue! Enjoy this blast of tart citrus flavor and relax into the soothing world of lemon and lime-flavored CBD tincture!

MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Essential Oils, And Terpenes.

Lemon Lime by Savage CBD Tincture features a soothing burst of citrus upon your taste buds, infused with the hearty benefits of cannabidiol in every drop! Smooth and firm spheres of these green and yellow citrus fruits were plucked straight from the groves in Florida, their calming tart scent wafting through the breeze like a soothing citrus wonderland. Each lemon and lime were sliced into thick wedges and squeezed until every drop of green and yellow juice were wrung from their rinds. Simply place a few drops under your tongue, bask in the delicious flavor of rich and pure citrus goodness, and swallow!

Or better yet, sprinkle a few drops into your favorite beverage, atop your breakfast oatmeal or yogurt, or any of your favorite dishes. No fancy equipment is needed to use this tincture, making it one of the simplest ways to incorporate CBD into your life. CBD has been known to be a great help for those dealing with anxiety, depression, daily stress, and even arthritis! Keep your taste buds happy with the refreshing flavor of citrus goodness and whisk your mind away to a calming wonderland where tart lemons and tangy limes unite in delicious flavor matrimony, compliments of Lemon Lime by Savage CBD Tincture!

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