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Savage CBD Pink GrapeFruit Tincture delivers a robust tincutre that is flavored to taste just like firm ripe grapefruits! Enjoy a few drops under your tongue, in your morning tea, or even your evening meal! Tinctures can be added to almost anything, so feel to experiment and see what creations you’ll come up with. Whatever way you decide, you can be sure your taste buds will marvel at the exquisite citrus flavor and your mind will fully appreciate the healing powers of CBD in every drop!

MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Essential Oils, And Terpenes.

Pink Grapefruit by Savage CBD Tincture features a wave of flavor in the form of pink grapefruit chunks, freshly picked from Florida’s finest citrus grove! It’s about time someone created a grapefruit tincture, and Savage CBD Tincture made sure to craft a warm and sweet flavor that is often forgotten in the citrus world: pink grapefruit deliciousness! These large and smooth globes were harvested at the peak of freshness, sliced open to reveal the dark pink flesh within, and scooped out to capture every bit of flavor within! The dusky pink fruit gleams with juice in every chunk, sweet and tangy and oh so refreshing!

Treat your taste buds to one of the most flavorful of all the citrus, pure and sweet and just the right amount of tartness! In addition to carrying the full power of grapefruit in every drop, this tincture is also infused with the calming properties of CBD. Cannabidiols play an important role in the management of daily stress, anxiety, depression, aches and pains associated with arthritis, and even sleep disorders. Try out this delicious Pink Grapefruit TIncture from Savage CBD Tinctures and see what a world of difference cannabidiol-infused tinctures can make in your life today!

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