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Who here has never had a bad night’s sleep? Yeah, us too. Select CBD understands that it’s not so easy to just ‘shut off’ and catch some Z’s. Nerves and a running mind can be the culprit behind keeping you awake. Lets naturally make you feel yourself again with a host of organic ingredients, as well as a hefty helping of cannabidiol, in each CBD Rest Capsule from Select CBD. 

Valerian root and passionflower, each with their own sleep-aid qualities, are combined to create a powerhouse product, and they are accompanied by 33.3mg of high-grade CBD in every capsule. Select CBD goes the extra mile to provide you with lab reports that show tests of individual batches. Each capsule is carefully inspected to make sure everything is up to Select CBD’s tough standards! 

This easy-to-store container will be the best thing that ever happened to you. The quick-to-take, fast-acting capsules are going to be the change in your life that you needed. Select CBD guarantees that their products meet customers’ high standards!

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