NEW! Unbreakable Silicone Bong 13" Tall+FREE Tool,Container, Bowl



silicone bong

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13" Tall, detachable

Silicone bongs are made from food grade silicone and have the obvious advantage of being very hard to break or damage. Volo Glass has one of the largest range of silicone bongs priced at what we believe quality bongs like this should be priced.

While some silicone bongs have silicone downstems and cone pieces, we ship our Volo brand silicone bongs with glass stems and cone pieces which provide the cleanest and purest smoking experience while still maintaining the advantage of having a bong that won't break.

  • *Quartz Banger
  • *Bart Simpson Bowl
  • *Tool
  • *Silicone Container
  • *Bowl
  • *Ice Catcher 

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