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The revolutionary Kommuter Silicone Kup Bong from Piecemaker Gear is the first of it's kind! Made for stoners on the go, this silicone bong is a collaboration with Silipint. Each silicone bong features a 16 ounce BPA free water chamber cup, a removable diffused downstem, flower bowl with lid and a straw mouthpiece. During your morning commute you can store all bong parts inside the cup.  The detachable lid also fits any McDonalds style or Red Solo Cup allowing you to make travel bongs, the silicone attachment pieces are very versatile!

Silicone Bong Features:

  • Unique, unbreakable design
  • Made with BPA free, food grade silicone
  • Removable lid that fits other cups
  • Multi-hole diffused downstem
  • Straw style mouthpiece
  • Metal flower bowl with cap
  • 16 ounce pint cup made by Silipint
  • Easy to clean and travel with
  • Available in different colors
  • PieceMaker Gear Double Dove logo 

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