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Bong 2-Piece Recliner 18.8

This good looking bong's aesthetic appeal lies in its utter simplicity. No added-on gimmicks or crazy colors to try to sell it, just one old-fashioned damn good bong.

It has a reclining shaft which allows for easy and comfortable use, an 18.8 sized joint for a nice big bowl and a carb-hole situated on the left side (from behind). The glass is superbly finished and the shaft features the subtle Art Glass logo in a classy white shade.

Expertly crafted, beautiful looking, fantastically smoking and an amazing bargain to boot, this is truly magnificent value.

Reclined Neck

The reclined neck on this cylinder bong helps it stand apart from the crowd, lending it an aesthetic that few other bongs possess. The reclined neck also makes it more user friendly than traditional straight necked bongs, giving you a great smoking experience every time.

Superb Glass Quality

As can be expected from Art Glass this piece is crafted from the finest quality glass. It has a beautiful finish and features a subtle logo on the body of the piece. For those who appriciate glass this piece is a must have.

Technical Specifications

Brand Art Glass
Glass Thickness 3.2mm
Height 411mm
Joint Female
Joint Size 18.8mm
Material Glass
Mouthpiece Bent

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