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Stoner apparel has taken on a whole new level with all the legalization and popularization of weed. It used to be easy enough to find your fellow smokers by picking out a few choice pieces of clothing (the classic rasta "drug rug" certainly comes to mind). You could always follow your nose as well, but playing find-the-pothead at your local tailgating party was definitely a game best kept on the down-low. Now with all the rasta gear and weed-inspired sweatshirts running around, it's harder than ever to pick out who's actually going to have a joint tucked behind their ear and who just wants to look the part for social points. We've got you covered with whatever sort of marijuana enthusiast clothing you're after: the classic red-green-yellow sweatshirt, hoodies emblazoned with Bob Marley, joggers with a secret pocket to stash your monkey pipe, and many more options. We've got men's sweatshirts, women's sweatshirts, and even kid's sweatshirts if you want to dress your little ones in the same sort of gear you're sporting. These sweatshirts make the perfect gift as well (especially the holiday-themed ones, perfect for "ugly sweater" parties), so make sure to send one to a friend as well! You're going to absolutely love these bargain sweatshirts, especially when you pair them with these extra comfy tank tops so that you can stay warm on these chilly mornings but don't have to be burning up by noon!
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