18" Beaker Bong with Tree Percolator and Diffused Stem


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Crafted from thick, durable glass and standing at a perfect 18u201d for universal access, this glass bong is the ultimate mix of comfort and function. It combines a

substantial water chamber

with an eight-arm, triple-slit tree percolator PLUS a three-pinch ice catcher and cushioned mouthpiece. This glass beaker bong provides the smoothest, coolest, and most pleasant smoking experience imaginable. The expert craftsmanship and stunning aesthetic make the Beaker Bong with Tree Percolator and Diffused Stem one of the most dynamic and effective pipes on the market.

Beaker Bong Features

- 18u201d Height
- 14mm Female Joint
- Flared & Cushioned Mouthpiece
- Three-Pinch Ice Catcher
- Classic Beaker Base
- Tree Percolator Installed in Center of Pipe
- Diffused Downstem
- Green, Pink & Purple Selections

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