Tattoo Glass - Turbine Tree Perc Zong Bong


Tattoo Glass

Glass bongs

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  • 14 Inchesu00a0Tall
  • Turbine & Tree Perc
  • Zong Bong design
  • 18mm female joint
  • Includes 18mm dry herb bowl
  • Colored glass accents
  • Natural Splashguard design

Tattoo Glass makes some of the most unique and functionalu00a0glass bongs on the market. This zongu00a0bong is a great example of that, featuring a tree perc and turbine perc for maximumu00a0filtration. Most typical zongu00a0bongs do not contain any percolators, this one has two different ones! The unique shape allows your smoke to travel slower through the tube to cool it down before reaching your mouth.u00a0

The combination of the two percolators and the unique design will provide you with flavorful and smooth hits every time. This piece is available in several different colors for you to choose from. Made with thick glass and an extra thick base this piece will last you a lifetime. If you are looking for a truly unique piece, we highly recommendu00a0giving this one a shot, you will not be disappointed.u00a0

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