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Material: Glass
Length: 4"
Style: Hand Pipe

The Aquarium Glass Pipe is a 4" smoking device that resembles the colorful pebbles and pieces that line the bottom of a fish tank. Although this pipe is a poor vessel for water, it’s an ideal tool for smoking bud when you’re not admiring it from an arm’s reach.

The Good

Keeping a fish tank seems like a simple task on the surface but if you just dive into it building an aquarium – literally and figuratively – you’re probably going screw up. The biggest mistake most people make is throwing a random collection of things that live in the water together and finding that one is a savage with a voracious appetite. Some don’t even make it to this phase, as the setup they build doesn’t sustain the correct temperature, the nitrogen balance never hits its sweet spot, or the filtration is improper for the tank, to name a few. Remember fish are living creatures and deserve to be treated with respect like any other living thing.

The Bad

You have a friend with a betta fish that lives in a tiny bowl, all alone.

The Ugly

Bettas can live with other animals as females will usually cohabitate with each other and males can thrive with certain other species of fish, which many don’t realize. Also, they need animal protein in their diet so if you’re feeding them plant-based food, you’re basically slowly starving your pet to death.

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