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The Pastel Granite Glass Pipe is a 4" hand pipe but rich in mellow pastel colors. The color pattern resembles the spotted patterns found in certain igneous rocks, appealing to people who have an appreciation for geology as well as those who simply love colorful smoking pieces.

The Good

When you’re a child, there’s something fascinating about rocks. For children, the colors and textures are captivating for small minds when rummaging through landscaping or digging up the earth beneath their feet. Most of us grow out of it but for a few, it inspires an allure to learn about how the history of the planet. A few of you are probably even faulting the description, thinking the pattern closer resembles diorite or pegmatite, rather than granite. Others will argue it resembles a metamorphic formation. Hopefully, everyone can agree the colors are pretty and acknowledge it’s not a rock at all.

The Bad

With the right tools, you could make your own pipe with enough time and practice.

The Ugly

You Googled how to make your own pipe from a stone and realize that it’s more difficult than you first thought.

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