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CBD Vape Kit | CBD Oil Vape Kit | CBD Vape Pen | CBD Vape Cartridge by 101 CBD - This CBD vape pen will give you that quick, effective solution you're looking for without all of the junk your body doesn't need. The 101 CBD Vape Kit comes with its own case, a quality vape pen complete with a charger and cartridge filled with the best CBD juice in the market.

This is 100% CBD so there are no psychoactive qualities (i.e. it won't get you "high"). Without THC, our CBD Vape-Oil leads a vast list of health advantages. From anti-anxiety to pleasure enhancers, anti-inflammatory to sleep aids and pain relief to anti-seizure. Through our one-of-a-kind super-critical extraction process, the resulting CBD is higher concentrate and fresh from solvents and debris, leaving our oil a wonderful, clean light amber color and concentrated as hell.

101 CBD - In our research, we came to recognize the huge difference of applications CBD has beyond serving with seizures and ASD. From insomnia to anxiety, severe pain to depression, CBD has been shown to relieve a number of conditions and ailments that plague our world.

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