D1 Fillable - Disposable Thick Oil Vape Pen



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D1 Disposable Fully charged 310 mah vape pen. This pen is sold with ( NO OIL) You fill your own.
Holds 1 Ml of thick or thin oil. 1.2 mm port hole on ceramic coil. Very high quality disposable vape pen.

Comes in a plastic tube with reusable rubber stopper.

D1 Vape Pen
With Glass Tank and Low Resistance Ceramic Heating Element
The all new D1 holds 1 ML of thick oil, disposable vape pen. This pen is a fully charged 310 MAH battery with a built in cartridge. You simply unscrew the mouthpiece for top filling. ( Use syringe to fill ). This is the highest quality disposable vape pen available.The oil hole on the ceramic coil is 1.2 mm, perfect for thick and thin oils. Great for DIY OIL. Store packs are available in POP-POS boxed of 25 each.

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