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Dipstick Dipper CBD Dab Pen - 2 in 1 Dab DeviceDid you just get your first CBD concentrate but don't wanna spend even more money to get a dabbing setup? Steve's Goodshas got your back once again with their brand new Dipstick Dipper CBD dab pen!This small device is perfect for the person in your life or yourself to be able to dab your concentrates at home or on the go!Now with dabbing your CBD, the dipper allows you to dab in two different ways to best fit your personal dabbing needs.With there being two options you can either load the dab into the device (traditional dab pen method) or another option would be to touch the end of your device straight to your concentrate (honey straw method aka nectar collector method)!Furthermore, you can even use the Dipper CBD Dab pen to vaporize your favorite strain of flower by simply loading some nugs into the atomizer.Nowwe wants to give you a few pointers on how to use your new device to the fullest extent!It's recommended to always have your Dipper dab device fully charged before you use it to have the best experience, even though it may be tempting, don't use the device while it's charging and make sure to not over pack the dabber because this may stop it from working!What's Included: Dipper Device Instant-Heat Coil Innovative, Replaceable Vapor Tip Atomizer 1-Year Warranty Mobile and Modern Design Dual-Purpose Mouthpiece/Cap Micro USB ChargerHow to Use the Honey Straw (Nectar Collector) Method: Step 1: Remove the mouthpiece and connect the vapor tip to the Dipper's Body Step 2: Connect the mouthpiece to the opposite end of the device Step 3: Click the button 5 times quickly to turn your device on Step 4: Press and hold the button. Wait for the vapor tip to heat. While holding the button, lightly touch the vapor tip to your favorite concentrate and inhale through the mouthpieceHow to use the Traditional Dab Pen Method: Step 1: Remove the cap (mouthpiece) and connect the quartz crystal atomizer to the Dipper's Body Step 2: Using your loading tool, place a small amount of your favorite concentrate or flower directly into the atomizer (heating chamber) Step 3: Over the atomizer, reattach the mouthpiece to the Dipper Body Step 4: Press the power button 5 times quickly and boom! You're now ready to vaporizeRecommended StorageTo preserve the outstanding quality of yourDipper CBD dab pen, please store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, or humidity.WarningThe Dipper CBD dab penis not to be used during pregnancy or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. Keep out of reach from children.

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