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Pod of the world-known Voopoo, with a capacity of 1ml and a 750mAh battery.

What is Drago Nano Pod? 

DRAG Nano Pod Kit is the first pod system of the Drag family with a classic GENE chip and a beautiful resin panel. In addition to the 750 mAh battery and the rechargeable 1.0 ml portable size cartridge, the DRAG Nano is one of the lightest and most compact pods. 

The box contains: 

1 x DRAG Nano

1 x Pod-S1 (1.8ohm)

1 x USB cable

1 x User manual

1 x Grantia

1 x GENE CHIP Card

How is Drago Nano Pod used? 

Remove the cartridge from the Drag Nano Pod, and fill it by its upper lid extracting the "drip". Let a few minutes pass for proper drainage. Insert the pod into the battery, and aspirate to perform the puff. 

Why buy Drago Nano Pod? 

Drag Nano Ppod is the first pod of the Voopoo family, a portable pod, light and good performance, thanks to its gene chip we will have a very good management of both power and autonomy.

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