Luna CBD Disposable Vape Pen


Luna CBD Disposable Vape Pen

CBD Vape Oil

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The Luna Vape Pen uses 500mg of CBD per vape and comes in five unique flavours, including Rainbow Drops and Pineapple Express.

A collaboration between Wild Hemp and Smok, this disposable CBD Vape Pen is both durable, stylish, and tastes delicious. Every flavour comes with an individualised colouring but you are guaranteed satisfaction whichever you choose.

Available flavors:

  • Gorilla Glue u2013u00a0Earthy and sweet with hints of chocolate
  • Pineapple Express u2013u00a0Sweet tropical blend with cedar and pineapple tones
  • Blue Dream u2013u00a0Sweet berry-like flavor with blueberry overtones
  • Durbin Poison u2013u00a0Sweet and sour citrus earthiness with hints of pine
  • Rainbow Drops u2013u00a0Sweet with berry and grape

Wild Hemp X Smok

Smok is the worldu2019s leading vaporizer brand and continues to innovate within the e-cigarette world. Since 2010, they have dedicated themselves to innovating new and exciting vaping experiences for their customers.


Hemp extract to fill each Vape Pen and a variety of terpenes that work synergistically with each other for maximum results. The Wild Hemp X Smok Vape Pens contain less than 0.3% THC.

500MG of CBD peru00a0Vape Pen

Less than 0.3% THC

5 Different Flavors to choose from

Intended Use:u00a0Inhalation. Take 1-2 Puffs as needed.


Ingredients:u00a0CBD Hemp Extract, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Natural and Artificial Flavorings

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