O.PenVAPE Fill-It-Yourself Kit



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Do you like to FIY?

This is the whole package! Everything you need to fill your own vape. An empty cartridge, and a finely made pen with all the extra bells and whistles to maintain it.

With convenient features that make it easy to fill empty cartridges, store your kit contents, and keep track of your O.penVAPE FIY Kit, it's the perfect accessory for the connoisseur who likes to dabble in a little oil mixing. 

There is a guide here to explain the ration that you should mix your oils into the O.juice, which is polyethylene glycol, an FDA approved mixing agent that makes oils and concentrates less viscous. This way you can make a custom blend with the oil of your choice.


  • Auto-draw O.pen
  • Empty Cartridge
  • PEG for mixing into concentrate/oil
  • USB charger
  • Mixing pot
  • Cartridge filling syringe
  • User Guide
  • O.pen vape batteries come with a lifetime warranty

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