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Orion Q is the new pod of Lost Vape, compatible with all the standard liquids of the market and with nicotine salts.

What is Orion Q? 

It is a pod with adjustable air intake, and an internal 950mAh battery. With a premium finish, thanks to its frame made of steel and carbon fiber. It has dimensions of 93mm x 37mm x 13.5mm and a power of 5W to 17W. 

The contains contains: 

  • 1 x Orion Q Kit
  • 1 x Orion Q Pendant
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 1 x User's manual 

How is Orion Q used? 

Fill the Orion Q cartridge by unscrewing the top cap, once refilled allow a few minutes of rest, for proper drainage. Regulate the air intake to your liking, and install it in the body of the Orion Q. Press the action button 5 times, to turn it on. 

Why buy Orion Q? 

Lost vape brings us this pod with an aggressive design and high quality materials, both in the cartridge and in the body. An elegant pod at the same time functional.

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