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This is the first ever single-use disposable e-cigarette made with Nicotine Salts! There's no leaking, no charging, and no pods, and it has a super clean and strong hit. The XEN Vape Vanilla Cream is indulgently sweet in its vanilla flavor, which drips down the tongue before punching your throat with that satisfying hit of salt-based nicotine. The high-quality nicotine will also give you the perfect buzz, without any harshness. Each Xen disposable e-cigarette contains 5% salt-based nicotine to provide you with the sensation of smoking an analog cigarette. It also contains about 400 puffs. The flavor is mind-blowing. Smooth, thick, and sweet vanilla cream notes will linger in your mouth with every hit. With every inhale & exhale, it feels as though a rich creamy custard is melting into your taste buds. You will absolutely not be disappointed.

  • Primary Flavors: Vanilla Cream
  • Nicotine Level: 5% nicotine by weight / 50mg

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