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Stainless Steel Oil Vape Pen Kit - o2VAPE Slim device with New buttonless vape pen is excellent for traveling with friends anywhere. Offering this stainless steel variant with an enhanced smooth .5ml cartridge. The little case provides storage in any pocket while retaining pen fresh.

No Buttons – No extra clicking buttons, just start and inhale and once you have reached the absolute puff it sets off until needed to use.

300 to 400 Puffs per Cartridge that can last up to three weeks. The Battery last for 3 to 5 days depending on the usage.

o2VAPE™ - We are the Authentic buttonless vape pen owned by USA Veterans, presenting the discreet stock product available to anyone. From oil to our vaporizers, our products have a simple perspective to use with minimal setup. We completely tested all of our products for endurance, high-quality materials for everyday use.

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