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Nova by Vuber - Ergonomic and long-lasting. It holds strong changeable temperature settings with a ceramic convection heating chamber. It gives a clean, soft vapor, with simply the flowery aftertaste of the bud itself.

It is not only just for making your flower to vaping temps in below thirty seconds with a larger cleaner cloud, but is also able of giving to a fellow with no essential for reheating. The Nova enables users to experience dry herb, waxes, in expanding to oils and concentrates. It also emphasizes temperature and battery life pointers. This product is made to give quality, flexibility, and worth.

Vuber Vaporizers - Technologies an advanced company of premium quality vaporizers for smoking advocates. We offer a full Vaporizers to satisfy a spectrum of individual's tastes, resources, choices, and methods. We take satisfaction in presenting you the best vape practice in time over again.

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