Mamba 3-in-1 Vape Kit for Ejuice, Wax and Dry Herbs




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The HoneyStick Mamba 3 in 1 Vape Kit for Dry Herbs, Concentrates & E-juice Vaping. 
The best MOD in its class - Mamba, guarantees amazing vaping experience. Sub-Ohm adjustable airflow tank with the innovative leak free structure, powered by 2200 mAh MOD with variable wattage and voltage is making the Mamba three-in-one Vape Kit one Must-Have item for all Dry Herb, Wax & E-Liquid vaping enthusiasts. 
Mamba MOD Features: 
- 2200 mAh 10A Battery 
- Variable Wattage: 5W to 30W 
- Variable Voltage: 2.0V to 8.0V 
For Dry Herb:
The HoneyStick Oz-ohm ceramic vape tank is a one of a kind dry herb and concentrate vaping device that is one of our newest and hottest products. Convert your current vape gear into a dry herb vaporizer simply by attaching the Oz-ohm ceramic dry herb vape tank. 
For Concentrates: 
The Honeystick Highbrid is the ultimate vape device for dabs. it has the largest ceramic bowl on the market with toothpick sized quartz rod heaters. The unit will hook up to any 510 Thread mod battery and you can run it up to Watts. If you watch some Instagram videos the monster hits that can be had from this dab unit is insane.
For E-Juice:
Mamba Adjustable Airflow Vape Tank, featuring: Sub-Ohm Heater, Stainless Steel Drip Tip, 0.5 OHM Organic Cotton Coil (7-50W), Atomizer Resistance: 0.5 OHM to 3 OHM, Adjustable Air Flow, 510 Threaded

The HoneyStick Mamba 3 in 1 Vape Kit for Dry Herbs, Concentrates & E-juice Includes:

  •  Mamba Sub-Ohm 30W Variable Voltage MOD
  • (2200mAh MOD battery)
  •  Mamba E-Liquid Vape Tank 
  •  5 Mamba Replacement Coils 
  •  Highbrid Wax / Dab Vape Tank 
  •  1 X Replacement Highbrid Heater
  •  1 X Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube
  •  1 X Stainless Steel Dab Tool
  •  Oz-Ohm Dry Herb Vape Tank

BONUS: FREE Waterproof, Pressurized and Airtight Carrying Case!

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