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1.75" Original Monkey Pipe - Recognized by the unique 'Monkey Eye' logo, the monkey pipe is also the original strategic hand pipe. For over 20 years, these vessels have been handmade in Portland, Oregon using premium quality hardwood and smooth anodized aluminum.

Pop the Monkey Pipe out of your pocket and turn the swivel lid out to access the mouthpiece. With two side coolness holes, this pipe gets some of the smoothest hits we've ever confronted from a dry pipe.

- Natural monkey pipe
- Proudly made in the USA
- Dimensions: 1.75" x 0.75"
- 2 air-conditioning holes for extra cooling
- Branded recognizable logo
- Beautiful hardwood and anodized aluminum
- Wooden swivel lid
- Recessed nickel plated mouthpiece
- Pocket-sized
- Hardwood Varies In Light/Dark Color

We offer the most innovative and unique smoking associates on the business. We are devoted to combining the distinct and expanding smoking community with products that match a variety of needs. We are enthusiastic about breaking the negative stereotypes that are connected with the cannabis industry, and inspire everyone to get out and smoke!

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