10" Mini Skinny Beaker Bong with Ice Catcher


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  • Large bowl for group smoking sessions
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • 3.5u201d base
  • 14mm male bowl
  • 14mm female joint
  • Ice catcher

The 10u201d Mini Skinny Beaker Bong offers smokers the ideal smoking experience, with a reasonably sized and highly functional piece. This beaker bong includes an ice catcher, which will help you to

enjoy smooth hits

. Made with premium scientific glass, this durable piece will remain a staple for the long haul.

The beaker shape not only creates a neat look, but also provides more space for smoke to accumulate. The 10u201d Mini Skinny Beaker Bong is the perfect piece foru00a0

taking huge rips

,u00a0while still

being priced lower than $100

. The scientific borosilicate glass will improve the quality of each smoking session, and prevent easy breakage.

With a 14mm joint, you can smoke from the included 14mm bowl, which provides plenty of space for your herb. Or, you can use any male bowl of the same size. It also features a removable downstem, which acts as the initial source of filtration, and offers simple cleaning.

At 10u201d high, this piece is the perfect size for an easily transportable bong, without compromising on function.

Featuring a flared mouthpiece, the 10u201d mini skinny beaker bong gives the smoker a comfortable spot to rest the mouth. This also creates an airtight seal, preventing any smoke from escaping.

With a three-pronged ice catcher acting as a


u00a0inside the tube, you can cool down each hit and enjoy additional filtration.

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